At Akna we understand that feeding your puppies and dogs can be difficult. Finding the right nutritional balance, feeding what suits your dog for its job such as working and show condition or even if they develop dislikes or allergies to certain food types.

We actively recommend feeding a raw or BARF diet to all our dogs but we also know that sometimes sourcing the right products and complete products isn’t easy. That’s why Akna teamed up with GA Pet Food Partners to produce a quality kibble product that will suit your canine companion.

Not only did we talk to GA’s qualified nutritionists to get the right products we also liked how they run their business as we support being green as much as possible. Below you can watch how GA have progressed and how they are reaching targets and making the difference in the goal for being green. You can also see how foods are sourced and the quality and control of all their products.

Interested in learning more or ordering our products?

All of our products are prepared, bagged, labelled and shipped directly from the GA warehouse and straight to your door, if ordered before 12pm your order will be *next day. You will receive a text message advising you of your delivery time, it really is that simple.

* there may be extra delivery costs, or longer delivery times for postcodes outside of England, Wales and parts of Scotland. Please contact us to check.

How the delivery system works for you. DPD is the current delivery courier maximum weight for box orders is 30kg inc packaging

Our product & pricelist is below


£9.99 BOX 1 £7.99 BOX 2 OR MORE***

Grain Free Products

PUPPY 15kg – £57.99 JUNIOR 15kg – £57.99

SENIOR/LIGHT 15kg – £55.99

LAMB 15kg – £45.99 SALMON 15kg – £45.99

BEEF 15kg – £50.99 TURKEY 15kg – £50.99

DUCK 15kg – £55.99 HADDOCK 15kg – £55.99

VENISON 15kg -£59.99 RABBIT 15kg -£59.99

You can order or send a query from the contact form at the bottom of the page if you want to check costs, products etc