A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work

Solely owned and operated by Racheal Bailey BSY (Pet Psy) Racheal is from a long line of ancestors with animal interests including her Great Uncle who was a naturalist & explorer during the late 1800’s who himself was admired by Charles Darwin. Bates discovered the mimicry theory in butterfly species, named after him the “Batesian” mimicry. CLICK HERE

Racheal has amassed experience & qualifications to support her with running an animal care business, working and showing dogs as well as training and breeding; not just in the UK but worldwide. Racheal has owned and worked with many types of pets including small animals, aquatics, exotics, reptiles, equine and farm livestock. Racheal has also worked, shown, bred & cared for cats and dogs for over 30 years. In particular her interest in pedigree Siamese, Burmese & Oriental cats that her Grandparents were involved in the very early 1900’s played a big part in early childhood and beyond.

As well as all the above many breeds of dog have been one of the biggest influences including various crossbreeds, Akita’s, GSD’s, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, Boxers, Korean Jindo’s, Mastiffs and Canadian Eskimo Dogs. Racheal has not only the experience but has also gained qualifications to support her knowledge. This includes a very impressive list of animal and land based learning achievements. Animal First Aid, Behaviour, Psychology and numerous seminars directly associated with judging.